Pre - Construction

In the pre-construction phase, we conduct risk evaluation where our standards must be strictly adhered to. Our assessment critique extends to the economic evaluations of current and forecasted market conditions globally and domestically, regulatory presence and the impact of all matters likely to affect projected outcomes.

Prior to committing to a project, we ensure that we have the ability to deliver the project. We first determine external and internal issues that are relevant in meeting our strategic direction. This includes ensuring that all applicable legal and statutory requirements are complied with. We conduct rigorous screening to select the right team and contractors for the project.

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Our IMS integration enables the Maxcon organisation to work as a single collaborative unit with unified objectives.

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Efficient and competent site management during construction


Economic and risk evaluation to ensure all standards are met


Ensuring best environmental practice to reduce our impact

Health & Safety

Actively identifying and eliminating potential hazards


Monitoring and measuring effectiveness to ensure quality

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Maxcon has managed and erected a variety of buildings that serve a range of commercial purposes.


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